About Us


Surti and Son’s has been in Zanzibar now for more then three(3) decades running and serving successfully with its quality service of proving great expertise on leather sandles and other accessories, we take our greatest opportunity to showcase our work and provide our services to as many people as possible, assuring you with the quality. our sandals are made under the best supervision of Mr,Pravin D surti assuring the strenght and comfort of the sandal’s

This ancient art of making variety out of leather had been started our respectable father Mr.Dayaram Surti and as a family Business has now been run By Mr. Pravin.D Surti
very well known for the their great quality and expertise, of their HAND MADE LEATHER SANDALS FOR LADIES AND GENTS.

Today being known as SURTI & SONS…..and the only store where you can find the best Quality of hand made leather sandals for both ladies and gents. Your One stop shop for your best leather experience in Zanzibar.
Assuring you with satisfaction in quality, you will not regret collecting your zanzibar souvenir of pure leather experience from SURTI & SONS…..the only place to experience pure leather art. DONT MISS YOUR PAIR OF SANDALSSS!!!!!

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